Easy Email for Everyone
Celery lets everyone easily communicate by email, without having to buy special hardware or pay for Internet access.

Celery Buddies
People who give Celery service to family or friends as a gift typically become their Celery Buddies, or trusted helpers, and encourage them to use Celery to correspond with loved ones.

Aimee is her Mom's
Celery Buddy.

Celery Turns Any Fax Machine into an Email Device
Celery service lets people send and receive email without a computer or Internet connection. It works with any fax machine and can gracefully share a single home phone line.

Easily Send and Receive Email without a Computer
Ours is the only system designed to convert handwritten letters into email and deliver auto-printed email and color photos, so everyone gets to keep in touch the way that's best for them.

  • Simple Solution for Everyone
  • They Use: Paper and Pen
  • You Use: Your Computer
  • No Internet Needed
  • No Costly Hardware
  • No Special Software

You Get Their
Letters as Email

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They Get Your
Emails by Fax

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